Your database contains opportunities just waiting to be found.
Usherpa uses Authentic Intelligence to comb your database in real-time and serves up notifications daily.

Relationship Engagement Powered by Authentic Intelligence

You’ve done the hard work of building relationships with your clients and referral partners. Our job is to keep you engaged with those relationships using Authentic Intelligence. AuI finds opportunities hidden in data so you never miss a deal.

UsherpAlert Call Management System

It’s no secret that calling the right people at the right time with the right message is a killer way to win new business. The problem is knowing who, when, and why to call, right? That’s exactly why we created the UsherpAlert Call Management App! Every day, UsherpAlert notifies you of that day’s most high-value calls and makes it easy to stay in touch with a text or call with a click of a button. It’s as close to snapping your fingers and getting deals as you can get! Stop losing opportunities because you missed these important follow-up calls.

UsherpAlert tells you exactly who, when, and why to call!

Task Flow

Track hot leads, your in-process loan radar, and tasks so you know exactly what is in your sales pipeline around the clock. Customize workflows so you can divide and conquer to-dos with your team – providing stellar service to all your borrowers and eliminating busywork by automating tasks flows.